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Our Staff

Our Faculty and Staff 

We continue to make a concerted effort to implement a structured staff development program throughout the school year. We believe that running a successful educational program, esquires involving all school personnel in planning, participating, applying and evaluating program activities designed to improve the staff’s job-related skills and knowledge so they can help students learn more effectively.

Current Staff


  • Howaida Soualah, School Principal
  • Fatima Ghauri, Head of Volunteers
  • Nike Hendrati, Bookkeeper
  • Fatma Binkhayal
  • Wisal Alrays
  • Ayat Mustafa
  • Nabila Abdul Mughni
  • Shorok Abdullateef
  • Randa Mohamed
  • Nusar Milbes
  • Hala Kallas
  • Doaa Abdelaziz
  • Najat Mashragi
  • Maheen Johnmohamed
  • Maha Eshour
  • Shazia Miz
  • Reem Jaber
  • Zareen Ahmed
  • Rabia Riaz
  • Nariman Nabulsi

Regular Volunteers

  • Fatima Ghauri
  • Khalid Rahaman
  • Fausat Rahman
  • Zahid Johnmohammed
  • How Bi Elyas
  • Naela Salameh
  • Reem Jaber
  • Tayba Elbadri
  • Dana Nemo









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