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Umrah trip for our youth

With Allah ( swt) blessings we are pleased to announce a unique spiritual and educational trip for a group of students from the Ansaar Academy. Ansaar Academy is a part-time Islamic school located at the Rancho Masjid.  This group of 25 kids (8th grade students and the youth group) will be going on Umra Trip on March 15th, 2014 and returning on March 22, 2014. Our respected Imam Said Seddouk (Abu ElHaitham) will be the leading Imam for the trip Insha Allah.  We will also have 16 teachers, adults and family members accompanying us to assist and chaperon our student group.

The goal of our trip is bringing Islamic education that the students have been getting in our program to actual practical  spiritual and educational experience.  This will help Insha Allah cement in their hearts what Islam is about and be future leaders in their community and to their future families.

The total cost of the trip per participant is $2,300, which includes accommodation in Madinah and Makah, Breakfast, local transportation, tour guide, and visa.  Our students will be paying only $1,150 while the remaining cost will be paid through funds raised from the community.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in funds towards the miscellaneous trip costs, including some of participant student cost, meals, medical emergency supplies,  and Imam travelling expenses.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.  Your help will be a sadaka jariyah and a knowledge that you are assuring to be experienced and cemented in our children who will pass Islam to the next generation Insha Allah.  Your donation will be tax deductible insha Allah.

We humbly ask you for the sake of Allah to contribute generously towards this worthwhile effort of Ansaar Academy for the kids of our community.   May Allah accept your act of giving and add it to your scale of good deeds.


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