What is Ansaar Academy ?

Our Vision
To provide students with an excellent Islamic education in a safe and enjoyable learning environment that helps them be models and leaders American Muslim citizens.

Our Mission
In our programs we strive to help students become model character based on the teaching of Qur’an and the Sunnah of prophet Muhammad ( PBUH), and help them become practicing Muslims and engaged effective citizens. Throughout our programs, there is an emphasis on moderation and balance in faith and life. Muslims are part of the American mosaic and we want our students to grow up to be American effective citizens who are proud of their Islamic heritage and who are empowered with leadership characters.

Our Philosophy

  • The school must be able to serve the needs of each and every student accepted into its program.
  • The teaching of religious tolerance and ethnic/ cultural equality leads to an improved society.
  • Teaching the Islamic history and acquire students with the knowledge about Prophet Muhammad and his companions helps Muslim children to foster proud Islamic identity.
  • Teaching Quran with proficiency helps the legacy of reading and memorizing Quran for generations to come.
  • Teaching Arabic language is an important introduction of understanding the miracle Quranic language that touch the inner soul.
  • The importance of understanding the moral issues facing young Muslims and youth and present Islamic relevance in dealing with issues.
  • Ansaar Academy School Faculty and staff all should be positive role models for the students.
  • Parents and community members are integral part of the education process.

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What they say

My kids have starting learning Arabic and enjoy going to school. You’re doing a great job.


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