Ansaar Academy

Empowering Students to become Lifelong Learners


New Era of Ansaar Academy!

We are delighted to introduce an exciting new chapter at Ansaar Academy—a Full-Time School Program designed to provide an immersive and comprehensive learning experience.

Nestled in the heart of Rancho Cucamonga, our academy, with its longstanding commitment to education spanning over 20 years as part school program, is thrilled to extend its offerings to a full-time academic setting serving the Inland Empire region and the surrounding communities.

This program is crafted to go beyond traditional education, combining dedicated and trained teachers with cutting-edge approaches, ensuring spiritual and academic holistic development for our students.

We invite families to embark on this educational journey with us, where excellence meets a nurturing environment, shaping the future leaders of our community and raising lifelong learners.

Welcome to the next era of education at Ansaar Academy!


Offering Multiple Programs For All Backgrounds


Our academy offers you a quality service and a unique experience.


Our well-established Youth Group program has been active for the last 10 years and is continuing to grow every year. The average annual attendees in this program are 35-40 youth. The program focuses on students up to age 18 years old.


We are the oldest Islamic school in the Inland Empire. We have been serving the area since 1999 and have continued to grow our program exponentially. Our school started with one program and now we have 7 programs serving children and youth ages 4-18 years.


Our staff and teachers are well trained. They attend training seminars and workshops on an ongoing basis to help them keep up with updates in teaching methodology, as well as achieving higher certification in their perspective fields.


Our Academy stands out as a beacon of education, enriched with diverse features that set us apart. Our academy has been a cornerstone in providing quality education. Our team of dedicated and trained teachers goes beyond traditional methods to ensure a holistic learning experience. We create an environment where students are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow to develop well-rounded individuals.



Our School Operational Team is dedicated to creating an educational learning experience for students of Ansaar Academy. They work together year-round to provide the students with a multitude of opportunities to learn about Islam while having fun and creating lasting childhood memories.

What People Say About Us

For the last 10 years, the average annual attendees in Ansaar Academy Youth Group are 35-40 youth. Many graduates were accepted to IVY league schools and other schools such as Harvard University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA, USC, UCR, UCI, UC Davis, Cal poly University.

Ansaar Academy helped me spread my wings in the Muslim community and find a genuine support group. I am so grateful to have met the amazing teachers and peers in the school and to have been provided this safe space to learn about Islam and interact with others who also are growing up Muslim in this Western culture.


Youth group is the one place where I have found the most friends, connections, and knowledge willing to support me for the years to come. I thank youth group for this opportunity. If it were not for youth group's support, I would have not known how to travel this world.


Ansaar Academy has opened new doors of Islamic education for me. Having a safe place to attend every week was something I always looked forward to. Not to mention, the amazing community of people makes the masjid such a blissful environment. Through these past two years of attendance, I discovered new ways to learn and communicate our religion amongst others. I am extremely excited for my next two years of youth group.


I attended Ansaar Academy from 2009 to 2018. It would be an understatement to say it solely taught me about my religion, language, culture, and history. Since my time there, I became a part of a community that I would become a part of forever. I always had a group of people to support me in times of adversity or to share the many success stories I worked hard to achieve. This is something I would have never had if it weren't for attending Ansaar Academy.


The youth program teaches Islamic beliefs and how they are relevant to one's life and those challenges. Youth group encourages discussion not only around Islamic values but society, current events, education, political discourse, and the local Muslim community. Through the youth program, I have acquired a greater viewpoint around life which matured me to address the obstacles, circumstances, and sensitive issues I faced as a young adult.