Ansaar Academy

Youth Program

The Youth Group is divided into two groups to narrow the focus of the youth interest based on their age and school grade.

Youth Group I: includes youth aged 12-14 (7th, 8th & 9th Grade)
Youth Group II: includes youth aged 15 and up (10th, 11th, 12th Grade) and collage.

Both groups have a weekly meeting every Sunday 9:30-1:30 following a certain curriculum every year, with occasional guest speakers, fun activities, and monthly outings, to meet the objectives in our mission.

Our Motto

Receive an enriched learning experience that focuses on every aspect of the student’s tarbiyah.

Our Mission

Providing a platform for expression Helping youth to preserve their Islamic identity Promoting Islamic principles based on the Qu’ran and the Sunnah Encouraging youth involvement is community services Building a diverse and supportive network of youth


American Muslim Identity

The Youth Group is an open and safe space for the teens in our community to discuss the challenges they may face as Muslims in America. As minorities in this country, it is difficult balancing both aspects of your identity. Our Youth Program is dedicated to educating youth on how to navigate social norms while preserving their Islamic roots. It is also a center to discuss how American-Muslims could use their identity to bring justice and reform to many unfair sectors of policy.

Community Outreach

Knowing what it's like to be an underrepresented minority in the United States, our Youth Group works hard to support the underserved communities. We understand the importance of helping a society struggling financially, physically, or psychologically, whether it be the Muslim communities abroad or the local communities surrounding us.


Beyond service and knowledge, our Youth Program is meant to build leaders who will leave a positive impact wherever they go. These leadership skills establish key professional qualities in our students that build character and initiative. With various different events and opportunities, we provide the platform for our youth to truly become confident in their management and organizational abilities.

Positive Peer Relationship

Ansaar Academy’s goal has always been to provide a family-oriented community. The Youth Group’s congregation establishes an environment of young Muslim teens who are able to connect, learn, and grow from one another. Being able to connect with Muslim peers is increasingly difficult outside the mosque, so these connections are vital for the growth of young youth. We plan retreats, field trips, and social gatherings that tie our youth together and create long-lasting Islamic friendships. Many of our team-building activities can be found on our Annual Events page.


Ansaar Academy connects hundreds of youth together of different backgrounds yet similar faith. We expose our youths to researchers, industry professionals, notable political figures, and allow them to develop their networks. The diverse backgrounds our speakers and youth body bring to the environment allow our youth to discover career goals that interest them most. We also hold events including the College and Career Day that develop our student’s connections with skilled workers in certain career paths, directly contributing to their professional network and their newfound career following college.

Exposure College-Career Goals

Ansaar Academy aids high school students in planning their future educational goals by expanding their professional network to develop and spark each individual’s career. With the experienced Ansaar teachers, coaches, and mentors, we aid our students directly through internship/volunteer opportunities, extracurricular activities, and highly skilled guidance in helping them achieve admission into their dream universities. A few of our former youth testimonies can be seen down below.

Muslim Youth

Lifelong Learner

Proud Muslim

Respectful Citizen

Join, Connect, Reflect, Participate, and Grow!

Ansaar Academy Mentors

Our skilled mentors have a sincere desire to help and be involved with the youth. They devote their time and effort to always be available to their mentees whenever needed. They are good listeners and always encourage the mentees to step out of their comfort zone. Our mentors’ goal is to provide support and guidance to their mentees so they can get their lives headed in the right direction.

Meet Pervious and current Mentors

Sabha Salamah

Madiha Khawaja

Harris Siddiqui

Nusar Milbes

Yasmin Ibrahim

Reem Jaber

Usman Syed

Aamna Akter

Zareen Ahmed

Rangeena Salim

Mohamed Eissa

Mateen Ebrahim

Naela Salameh

Youth Testimonials

For the last 10 years, the average annual attendees in Ansaar Academy Youth Group are 35-40 youth. Many graduates were accepted to IVY league schools and other schools such as Harvard University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA, USC, UCR, UCI, UC Davis, Cal poly University.

Ansaar Academy helped me spread my wings in the Muslim community and find a genuine support group. I am so grateful to have met the amazing teachers and peers in the school and to have been provided this safe space to learn about Islam and interact with others who also are growing up Muslim in this Western culture.


Youth group is the one place where I have found the most friends, connections, and knowledge willing to support me for the years to come. I thank youth group for this opportunity. If it were not for youth group's support, I would have not known how to travel this world.


Ansaar Academy has opened new doors of Islamic education for me. Having a safe place to attend every week was something I always looked forward to. Not to mention, the amazing community of people makes the masjid such a blissful environment. Through these past two years of attendance, I discovered new ways to learn and communicate our religion amongst others. I am extremely excited for my next two years of youth group.


As a student who attended Youth Group for four years (throughout high school), I cannot thank the program enough. The weekly congregation keeps me aware of current events, active in my community, and has made me a powerful public speaker. Being able to learn and practice your faith in America has become increasingly difficult. With clear differences in culture, it is a challenge. However, Youth Group has provided amazing resources to connect with fellow Muslim peers and become engaged with my community. I have gained meaningful life-skills that are solely thanks to Youth Group. There is no substitute for the resources, intellectual discussion, and religious growth that Ansaar Academy's program has to offer.


I attended Ansaar Academy from 2009 to 2018. It would be an understatement to say it solely taught me about my religion, language, culture, and history. Since my time there, I became a part of a community that I would become a part of forever. I always had a group of people to support me in times of adversity or to share the many success stories I worked hard to achieve. This is something I would have never had if it weren't for attending Ansaar Academy.


The youth program teaches Islamic beliefs and how they are relevant to one's life and those challenges. Youth group encourages discussion not only around Islamic values but society, current events, education, political discourse, and the local Muslim community. Through the youth program, I have acquired a greater viewpoint around life which matured me to address the obstacles, circumstances, and sensitive issues I faced as a young adult.


Be a Mentor

We need more Muslim mentors and leaders to help guide our youth as they navigate their lives through the challenges they are facing as middle school and high school students in our society.

Volunteer With US!

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